Aspects of Hope

Aspects of Hope

In three parts, totalling 59 mins. . Also available as a bundle.

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Aspects of Hope is the fourth video in a series about care giving and living with chronic illness, Multiple Sclerosis, at home. It focuses on the factors influencing the ability to care, cope and continue to see value in life. It shows the emotional and spiritual work that a caregiver must undergo to face life, death, grief and starting over.

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Of  Aspects of Hope  Rosemary Oliver, Retired Occupational Therapist states, “This video concludes the journey of caring and sharing, during the closing of a life and the loss and healing of the caregiver. It is an honest but hopeful recounting of the experiences and feelings of care giving, clearly explained and thoughtfully expressed. It looks at both sides of the story; it describes the roller coaster of emotions and the challenges of decisions throughout this moving presentation. It is punctuated with wonderful photography showing the beauty of nature and the cycle of life. Loss and grief are honestly faced but hope, growth, healing and moving forward continue the positive theme that runs through this story of life. It is an excellent, informative and sensitive production.

From a care giver about  “Aspects of Hope”  –

When I first viewed this video, the sheer volume of information overwhelmed me. My primary interest had been how to deal with my life once my role of care giver had ended. I have found however, I return to this video to get reassurance and support for this very important time I still have with my Mother, before she leaves. I am encouraged to spend my time in the present, to enjoy the moment and take joy in helping my mother live her life today. Even the smallest smile on her face is fixed in my memory. I am now beginning to see and store wonderful moments, as she seems to soften while accepting her reality. Without this video, I am not sure I would have recognized this opportunity.

I am still concerned about my life once my care giving role is finished, but this video helped reinforce a faith that I was not alone and the meaning of my journey would becomes clear at the right time.

Judith A Lindop RN, BScN, Med

Professor of Nursing (Retired) George Brown College, Toronto, Canada says-

The target audience for these videos, and in particular Aspects of Hope, would include all educational programs teaching:

  •             health care providers from personal support workers to
  •             bachelor of nursing, chaplaincy
  •             social work
  •             counselor, psychotherapist
  •             grief counselor

I would recommend Aspects of Hope be a part of funeral home libraries, volunteer support groups for cancer and other catastrophic diseases as well as public libraries so that the general population has access to the information.

Judy Lindop

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