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Welcome to Key Life Journeys

Since we never know before hand which life events will have the most meaning and purpose, embracing all life’s journeys is essential. Some events will be life changing, providing the key directions for our spiritual growth.

Becoming the caregiver for a loved one with Multiple Sclerosis and later providing palliative care for another, were key life journeys for me. Find my caregiver journey blog, articles and 4 care-giving educational movies. Also learn about a CD called “When Someone Dies” for professional caregivers.

Some journeys are to satisfy curiosity, to satiate the appetite for adventure, discovery and information. Reports on my world travels are found in “The Travelling Gal” blog and find out what downloads from different countries are available.

But some travel destinations have the added bonus of nudging the spiritual journey. While witnessing sights in far away lands, a change takes place within. These are “A Soul Journey” with a blog and downloads available.

As well as capturing the world on my camcorder, I have a passion for still photography. Enter my gallery to see images for sale which you can print and frame or download a template so you can print on your own notelets. Be enthralled by the e-book “100 Years Down the Road of Life with Edith Chambers” and learn about this fascinating lady.

Another passion is gardening, developing my own, and visiting others around the world. Having been born on an island and perhaps because I was born under the sign of Pisces, water is necessary for my peace of mind. Come and visit my waterfalls and gardens blog.

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This website honours the value and purpose of all things and people of our planet; our interconnectedness; the interplay of life and death, disease and health as ordinary parts of our journey.

My path traveled can be seen in The Journey. It is the search for a purpose in life, discovering it, learning how to fulfill it and continuing to embrace my blossoming wholeness. Then at the end of life there will be no regrets.

I invite you to browse through the pages of this website, purchase what interests you and sign up to receive a periodic newsletter.

Come share the journey with me. Let us communicate as we travel down this amazing path called life.

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