100 Years Down the Road of Life with Edith Chambers

100 Years Down the Road of Life with Edith Chambers – the e-book

You are born; you will die; but you don’t have to get married.”

These are words of wisdom from a mother to a daughter – but not in the 21st century.The mother was Agnes McCulloch, born 1876, and Edith Chambers was her 12-year-olddaughter in 1925 receiving the advice. Edith still has much respect for, and still lives by her mother’s wisdom and this may be the only piece of advice she ignored.

As Edith reaches her 100th birthday, she shares the story, which makes up her life. The events that took place in a stately home in Blundell Sands, England, in the nineteenth century led to new beginnings in Montreal in 1906. The impact of the First World War ravaged the family and Agnes’ leadership brought her family of daughters to Toronto.

In 100 Years Down the Road of Life, Edith paints a compelling picture of poverty,ingenuity, perseverance and accomplishment. She shares what values and beliefs have sustained her and her forthright narrative style immediately makes the reader aware that this is one formidable woman. Her practical attitude to life, especially regarding finances, is as valid today as it was in the 1920s and 1930s.
Edith celebrated her 100th birthday on February 5th 2013.
Edith was filmed in September 2013 talking about the book, anecdotes about her life, wisdom and two of her passions, cross stitch and baking.

Check out some of the photographs that she selected to include in the book.

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