A Soul Journey

By Sue Ellis 20 May, 2015

My weekend is at a retreat centre just north west of Caledon to attend a Spring Tonic Writing and Yoga Retreat. It is spring cleaning time for the mind and body. Where will my creativity take me this year as I unfurl myself from winter’s hibernation? My winter has not been all huddle and trying to stay warm. February’s icy penetration was cut short by spending a week in San Diego followed by a journey of a 1000 miles from top to toe of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. There I was exposed to the glory of the desert with shapes and colours, textures and smells that awoke some primal memory in me.

In April, when Ontario could not release itself from winter, I was welcomed to the hospitality of the south visiting Charleston South Carolina and Savanna Georgia. By the beginning of May I could absorb Ontario’s warmth, its lengthening days, its full moon and its promise.

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