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As time marches on and new technologies make those of the past either obsolete, or less inviting, people see the day of the VHS video tape has past. However many of you still use the video cassette player. It is to those people that I now make this offer.

For just the price of the shipping and handling, I am offering my CAREGIVER video VHS tapes FREE OF CHARGE

Click Here to familiarize yourself with my care giving videos. Most are in the NTSC format, suitable for North America. But I do have a few PAL format suitable for playing in the U.K.

I am also aware that many of you do not like sending money over the internet and so for this offer only, I am accepting money orders and cheques by mail.

FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW and let me know which products you would like to receive. I will email you an invoice and confirmation I have what you requested. ONE OR TWO items to be sent regular mail. Please indicate PAL format if needed. Otherwise the items sent will be NTSC.

Request your VHS Tape

Aspects of Caring
Aspects of Living
Practical Aspects of Everyday life
Trilogy of Caring (the above three all on one tape)
Aspects of Hope
Trilogy of Caring and Aspects of Hope (all four on one tape)
THEN Mail your money order to:
SME Productions
P.O.Box 22060, 45 Overlea Blvd
Toronto, Ontario
M4H 1C0

Make the money order/cheque payable to Susan M Ellis. Shipping and handling is $12.00 Canadian

Please take advantage of this offer. These videos reflect a remarkable journey.

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