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Since we never know ahead of time which events that we experience will have the most meaning and purpose, embracing all life's journeys is essential. Some events will be life changing, providing the key directions for our spiritual growth.

Becoming the caregiver for a loved one with Multiple Sclerosis was a key life journey for me. For sale right now are four videos on care giving themes.

All whose lives are touched - personally or professionally - by those with disabilities, the chronically ill or frail elderly should see these videos. They deal with the real issues of living, dying and starting over, in an honest and compassionate way.

This website honours the value and purpose of all things and people of our planet; our interconnectedness; the interplay of life and death, disease and health as ordinary parts of our journey.


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The path traveled so far is seen in The Journey. It is the search for a purpose in life, discovering it, learning how to fulfill it and continuing to embrace one's blossoming wholeness. At the end of life there will be no regrets.  View The Journey

Come and explore the topics of the educational videos; learn about an audio tape called "When someone dies." Discover travel videos with spiritual themes in the "A Soul Journey" series and see greeting cards in a series called "Imagine a world."

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Then venture to website links for other products I believe reinforce my values and beliefs. I invite you to browse through the pages of this website, purchase what interests you and sign up to receive a periodic newsletter.



Aspects of Caring - A Video by Sue Ellis - SME Productions


Aspects of Everday Life - a video by Sue Ellis - SME Productions
Aspects of Hope - A video by Sue Ellis - SME Productions 


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